DogShow Rules and Regulations

01/05/2012 | GKC
1. The following regulations will apply to all national dog shows. All International dog shows, where the C.A.C.I.B. (International point) are competed for will come under F.C.I. rules.

2. All exhibitors must abide by all the rules and regulations.

3. For the participation in shows, all dogs are to be inscribed in the Gibraltar Kennel Club stud book (G.K.C.), or in the case of non-residents, in any foreign studbook duly recognised by the F.C.I. and the G.K.C.

4. Valid rabies vaccination certificates will be required for veterinary inspection.

5. Dog show entries must be accompanied by the following or they shall NOT be accepted:
a) The correct payment.
b) A copy of the dog's pedigree.
c) A copy of the Championship or Working certificates (if entered in those two classes)
d) Payment will be accepted by either cheque (in Pounds Sterling), Cash, Bank transfer and Visa.

6. Dogs & bitches will compete separately except when entered in the brace &/or progeny

7. Bitches found to be pregnant, lactating, in season or accompanied by her litter, will not be allowed to be shown.

8. In each breed and variety whose standard is recognised by the F.C.I., it will be possible to propose both sexes for a CACIB.

9. Similarly, in each breed and variety whose standard is recognised by the Gibraltar Kennel Club, it will be possible to propose both sexes for a GCC.

10. Dogs will be classified in the respective categories and groups assigned by the F.C.I.

11. If a dog is absent at the time of judging, it will not be judged at a later time unless it is the only dog in its breed.

12. To become a Gibraltar Champion, a dog must obtain two GCC's in any Gibraltar show. These two GCC's must be granted by two different judges. These championship points are always valid once awarded by the Gibraltar Kennel Club (There are no limitations).

13. The awarding of a CACIB does not necessarily mean that the GCC also has to be awarded. Dogs entered in Champion class will only opt for the CACIB. On the other hand, dogs entered in the Open, Working or Intermediate class will qualify for both the GCC and CACIB. The GCC and CACIB can only be awarded to one first class dog and bitch amongst the excellent.

14. The qualification of exhibits will be done by judges only recognised by the F.C.I. for one or more breeds as determined by them.

15. The Gibraltar Kennel Club committee will assign judges and where necessary, reserve the right to amend any published list.

16. Entry to the show ring is forbidden unless authorised.

17. The judge's decision shall be final, except in the case of fraud, or misrepresentation or where the judge has made a bona fide mistake.

18. An award may be withheld if in the opinion of the judge there is a lack of sufficient merit. The judge must mark on the judging slips that the award has been withheld. The judge is not entitled to withhold an award for any other reason.

19. Judges may award merits to exhibits as follows:

Must only be attributed to an exhibit that's standard meets to that or is very similar to the ideal standard of the particular breed or variety presented in perfect conditions and as a whole be well balanced, have class and good movement.

Very Good
Will be awarded to exhibits whose standard is similar to that of its breed or variety in that they are in good physical condition and well balanced.

Will be awarded to exhibits that have the characteristics of the breed, but have faults, in that they do not meet fully with the standard, so long as these are not hereditary.

Quite Good
Will be awarded to exhibits who just about resemble the breed, but do not have noticeable qualities and are not in perfect physical condition.

20. Judges may exclude a dog from the ring if it is considered not in a fit state for exhibition owing to savage disposition.

21. All exhibitors who have gained their qualifications in their respective breed rings and are eligible for the group finals must attend said final or all qualifications will be made null and void.

22. The Gibraltar Kennel Club cannot be held responsible for loss or damage or property, death, accident or injury of the spectators, exhibitors or exhibits at the show.

23. Exhibitors shall be held responsible for the behaviour of their dogs and any damage or injury caused by the dog shall be deemed the responsibility of the owner.

24. If the show does not take place due to unforeseen circumstances, no refund shall be given.

25. It may be possible to temporarily or definitely exclude from taking part in our shows, those exhibitors who:

a) Make false declarations in their entry forms or give incorrect details that could incur errors on admission and classification from the judges.
b) Use illicit procedures in preparing their dogs for the show and elude the veterinary inspection.
c) Insult and criticise the members of the Gibraltar Kennel Club and disrespect the stewards on the work performed, be it by word of mouth, action or in writing.
d) Disrespect in whatever way the Club's regulations and cause disorder in the show, harass the judges and loudly make known errors made by the judge.
e) Whose conduct, abusive language or letters could prejudice the success of the show and mar the credit and prestige of the Gibraltar Kennel Club or the people who form same.

26. In the event of any query regarding the rules and regulations, the decision of the Gibraltar Kennel Club committee is final.

27. On the 7/5/03 the Gibraltar Government passed a law, prohibiting the importation/entry of the following breeds:

el 7/5/03 el Gobierno de Gibraltar apobo una ley prohibiendo la importacion/entrada a Gibraltar de las siguientes razas:

Dogo Argentino, American Staffordshire Terrier, Fila Brasileiro and Japanese Tosa.

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