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The Gibraltar Pedigree Dog Owners Club was the first Canine club to be formed in Gibraltar. It was later, in March 1986, when the Gibraltar Pedigree Dog Owners Club changed its' name to the Gibraltar Kennel Club. A studbook was started and Open Shows were organised, with the first one held on the 19th October 1986.

It was later followed by four other open shows up to 1990. They started off as small shows of around 150 to 200 dogs, but as years went by and word got around, these numbers started increasing.

The Gibraltar Kennel Club was accepted as Associated Members of the F.C.I. (Federation Cynologique Internationale) in Belgium during the General Assembly held in Dortmund June 1991.

It was on the 3rd November 1991, when the Gibraltar Kennel Club held its first International Dog Show. A total of 553 dogs participated in this show.

So far the Gibraltar Kennel Club has successfully organised 23 International Dog Shows and is now organising its 26th & 27th International show, which is scheduled for 19th and 20th September 2009.

Last years show had 900 entries for each day and are proving to be a very popular show, as a dog can become a Gibraltar Champion in one weekend. It only needs to obtain two GCC points of which can be done during the weekend of dogs shows. Another attraction is that you can also make a dog into a Junior Gibraltar Champion if it obtains an Exc. 1st on both days.

The Gibraltar Kennel Club also have dog -training classes, in order to promote a good relationship with your dog and to familiarise dogs with each other. Dog matches are also organised from time to time in order to introduce dog owners to competitions.

In view of the fact that there are no Fields in Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Kennel Club has been organising Field Trial events as from 1997 in Poland and Croatia.

The Gibraltar National Team, consisting of Field Trial English Setters, usually participate in the Grand Quete events and this year won the European Cup for English Setters in France.

For more information please e-mail: show@gkc.gi

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